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5 Kinds of Facebook Posts that Get the Most Shares in Singapore - Digital Influence Lab

5 Kinds of Facebook Posts that Get the Most Shares in Singapore



When the number of fans on your Facebook page is in a slump, it might mean that your posts are circulating among the same number of fans. Organic growth for Facebook fans includes getting likes and shares on your posts. When posts are shared by fans, they become the spokesperson for your page or brand, and that is always needed.

We trawled through the Facebook pages of Singapore brands, businesses, and personalities on Facebook with some data from Socialbakers.com  to find out what makes certain posts have more shareability than others. Just like any good math assessment book, examples of posts are included.

1. Lelong Lelong! Discounts, offers and freebies.

We ask for discount coupons from the counters of Burger King before buying anything. We take free tissue packets from those who are giving it out at MRT stations. We have queued for free Hello Kitty collectibles from McDonalds- for an indefinite amount of time. This is the most popular strategy for digital marketing. Singaporeans just love a good deal. People will share it with their friends who like your product or service, especially if you have cool prizes like those which klapsons The Boutique Hotel gave in their publicity stunt. They hit 8,756 shares.



2. Good advice of the sort that taxi uncles give. 

A taxi driver can notice that you are serving NS from the haircut you are sporting and straightway give you survival tips on NS. Post relevant tips to your followers with regards to your product or service. The best way to reach your restaurant? PIE? TPE? BKE? Post 5 drinks to have with your café’s newly released sandwich or 4 ways to wear the dress you just released in your online shop. Tips make your product or service more relevant to fans’ lives, especially when it is timely with the season.

Qoo10 Singapore, an online shopping site shared the year’s horoscope to its fans at the start of the year. Whether you believe it or not, it is fun to read your fortune for the year. It is something that followers want to share with their friends too, resulting in 5,275 shares, the highest on this list.


3. Inspirational posts and relatable quotes.

People like to share inspirational stories and quotes because most of the thoughts in our head are negative. Sharing good things with their friends makes them feel even more motivated. If it’s by someone famous, even better.  On Success Nation’s page, this post on Will Smith loving himself and committing to the best version that one can be before committing to any other person was so inspiring, it hit 3,352 shares.

will smith

4. Humorous good stuff

No one can turn down a funny photo or video, especially if they are stressed with work and need to take a break to amuse themselves, and their friends. Just keep in mind that humour shouldn’t be offensive to any group. This is Singapore after all. 9GAG Singapore posts simple images but with real humour which everyone is able relate to, which is essential to get many shares. This post was so good it got shared 902 times, the highest in this list.


5. Things that make people go WOW.

With Singaporeans, pictures of food usually make them go WOW. A word of caution though.  Expect comments of the post making stomachs hungry and distracting them from the work that they should be doing. People like sharing things they wish they could see in real life. And it helps Singaporeans to appreciate that this country has more interesting things than they ever thought it had. Singapore Flyer shared photos of the Flyer taken at different angles, by their fans. Followers love getting their work recognized and featured on an official page like this.  This post had 1,502 shares.


When you make shareable posts, it is a good practice to put your logo on the images. Keep these 5 types of posts in mind when you want to craft your next Facebook posts to get more shares for your page.
Note: We also referred to a typology of Facebook posts adapted from “Contagious Content: What People Share on Facebook and Why They Share it” by Brian Carter and Marketo. This is not a representative study.

Here is a summary of the post in an infographic for you:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.14.07 PM


Infographic by Sivam Karun.

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