Digital Influence Lab

Digital Influence Lab (DIL) offers consultancy and done-for-you digital marketing services to help businesses get more results online with web optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and search marketing.

Our Story

In today’s wired world, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of digital marketing to the success of your business. Successful companies are carving out virtual space to respond to customers, to create connections with industry leaders, and to tell the story of their brand in a creative, genuine, and visually-engaging way. Digital marketing offers the invaluable opportunity to assess which elements of your strategy are working, and monetize them right away.

Sensing that Singapore businesses can do better online, Digital Influence Lab was born to offer consultancy and done-for-you digital marketing services to raise the digital standards in Singapore.

We have enjoyed working with some multinational companies but we have just as much love for the SMEs. We are not a big agency, and that is a good thing. Without the massive overheads, this means more value for your money. With less bureaucratic red tape, more time will be spent on delivering results for your business.

DIL aims to be a top digital marketing agency in Singapore by consistently testing and keeping up with the most current digital marketing methods that work, be it with informational product launches, filling up events, or brand engagement for products and services.

We have also recently expanded to Cambodia, where we are the first specialized digital marketing agency in Phnom Penh, ready to raise the digital marketing levels in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

Being born and bred in Singapore, Digital Influence Lab can identify with Singapore Economic Development Board's objective to raise the country's standards as a digital marketing hub for the rest of the region. As such, we have taken on the common mission to elevate digital marketing standards in Singapore and Southeast Asia by contributing through consultancy and done-for-you services in digital marketing.

We believe that with the strategic implementation of digital marketing, large organizations and especially smaller companies as a whole would benefit tremendously from the increased productivity, and allow for real-time feedback.

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