Digital Marketing Grader

Digital Marketing Grader

Want to find out how great (or not) your digital marketing is?

How Good Is Your Digital Marketing?

With A Comprehensive PDF Report, The World’s First Digital Marketing Grader Will Show You That.

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Feeling clueless about how to use your website to get more sales?

Have you ever wondered why some website can consistently rake in online sales, while yours struggles to get even a single email subscriber?

You’ve got good products/services and valuable content to offer, but why does your website seem like it is being completely ignored & lost in the crowded streets of online traffic?

The ‘Digital Marketing Grader’ analyzes the main marketing aspects of your website to give you a holistic assessment of how it is performing as a marketing tool for your business.

In This Report

Positioning Grade

Assess the speed, usability & mobile friendliness of your website. Know if your visitors are having the best possible web experience

Website Grade

More than just creating a web presence, a website is meant to bring in more sales! From traffic sources, social sharing to email subscription, find out if your website is reaching its marketing potential!

Traffic Generation Grade

Is your website set up properly to receive the endless traffic from Search Engines? Learn if your website is SEO-friendly and whether it is in Google’s good books.

Sharon Neo

Founder of Digital Influence Lab

The exact system we are using to turn our clients’ websites into money making machines.


So now, are you ready to turn your website into a

Marketing Machine?