Digital Marketing Solution For SMEs

DIL x Enterprise Development Grant




Expected Outcomes

Week 1

Strategic Consultation Session/s

  • Understand your products and services' unique selling points, marketing positioning, target audience segments

  • Define metrics and KPIs for the business, marketing, branding, digitalization objectives
  • Audit and analyze past to current marketing efforts and results
  • Identify the gaps between objectives and current situation


  • Analyze findings from first consultation session
  • Research on your industry and competitive landscape – as well as the best practices:
    • Customer acquisition methods and channels
    • Marketing funnels
    • Traffic sources
    • Offers and promotions
    • Marketing copywriting and designs

  • Gain clarity of your brand and value proposition, as well as the industry and market environment you operate in.
  • Get a good understanding of other best practices in your industry and similar services businesses.
  • Identify the gaps in your marketing and brand to understand the next steps.
  • Brand and marketing guide that we can stick to ensure consistency and effectiveness going forward.

Week 2

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategic Roadmap

  • Overview of Marketing Strategy
  • Defined Business and Marketing Goals with KPIs
  • Key Product/Offer & Marketing Positioning
  • Target Market & Personas
  • Website & Landing Page Optimization (SEO) Plan
  • Proposed Funnel, Campaign, & Promotions
  • Paid Ads Plan: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, etc
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Automation Plan
  • Analytics Setup
  • Marketing implementation roadmap to know exactly how to set up marketing channels and messages to put out.

Week 3

Landing Page Creation & Website Optimization (Implementation & Testing)

  • Landing Page Creation - Design and Copywriting
  • Website Optimization
  • Get a website that is well-optimized for leads and sales, as well as SEO.

Weeks 4, 5, 6

Paid Advertising (Implementation & Testing)

  • Conduct paid ads testing on:
    • Marketing messages (copywriting)
    • Design
    • Offer/promotion/selling points angles
    • Target audiences
  • Compile marketing and customer data and information through a structured methodology
  • Optimize process through testing results
  • Chosen channels:
    • Google Ads (Search Ads, Global Display Network)
    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • Youtube Video Ads
    • Other applicable paid advertising channels (such as TikTok, Carousell, Quora, LinkedIn, etc – only if applicable)
  • Have a paid advertising system that can reliably generate leads and/or sales.

Week 7

Mid Project Review 

  • Assess progress of project and findings 
  • Decide and confirm on next steps
  • Review all that has been done so we can decide what was good and which directions to continue with.

Week 8

Content Marketing (Implementation & Testing)

  • Content Audit 
  • Content Research
  • Content Strategy Roadmap
  • Content Creation (Examples: Infographics, Short videos, Guides, Interviews, Live Streaming, etc.)
  • Content Distribution
  • Executional plans will be provided - Detail the steps required to achieve marketing objectives
  • A clear Content Marketing roadmap will be created, with processes, systems, templates in place.

  • At least 6 months’ worth of content marketing ideas and roadmap.

  • Content is created for multiple benefits, from SEO to branding to lead generation. Great content helps others understand you better.

Week 9,10

Marketing Automation (Implementation & Testing)

  • Optimize marketing automation based on repetitive processes, e.g:
    • Automating emails from scheduling
    • Remove existing leads from Facebook/Google Ads (to bring down cost of acquisition)
    • Follow up emails

Kickstart New Campaigns (Implementation & Testing)

  • At least one more campaign will be created to continue with the testing
  • Automate the parts that are repetitive in marketing activities (E.g. Automated email follow up).

Week 11

Digital Marketing Training (Knowledge Transfer)

  • Concluding walkthrough of the entire project and thought-processes 
  • Knowledge Transfer Workshops for your key stakeholders and employees. Essential activities included in the training, but not limited to: 
    • Digital marketing management
    • Marketing strategy development and channels
    • Budgeting, measurement, metrics

Outsourcing & Hiring Training

  • Blueprint for hiring and upskilling, including hiring methodologies and processes

  • Internal alignment and knowledge transfer is essential to build internal capabilities within the team for continuous growth through marketing and branding.

  • Your team is expected to be able to execute on it in the future

  • Training on how to outsource and hire independently in the future.​

Week 12

End Project Review (Compilation & Update of All Marketing Activities)

  • Review and conclude on project deliverables
  • Complete handover of project, accounts, data

Marketing Processes, Templates, & Executional Plans 

  • New/ refined customer acquisition strategy and process
  • Key digital tools and channels to prioritise
  • Marketing automation system
  • Email marketing strategy, including templates
  • Social media strategy, including templates
  • Customer FAQ will be developed to address key queries
  • Make sure that all accounts and datas are rightfully handed over, that any fixes and tweaks and all deliverables are completed.

Sounds good, so what's next?

  • Sign Letter of Undertaking to proceed with Grant Application.
  • Receive detailed customized proposal to be submitted.
    • DIL will provide full application support.
  • Obtain Enterprise Singapore’s approval (4-6 weeks).