Digital Marketing Grants For Singapore Enterprises 🇸🇬

With digitalization happening at unprecedented rates, the need to stay ahead through digital marketing has become more essential than ever.

The Singapore Government has stepped in with measures to offer local enterprises with grants to address these concerns.

If you would like to find out more about how digital marketing can help your business, or explore the grants available to build your digital marketing capabilities, do reach out to us.

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Digital Marketing Grants Available

As a certified consultancy & digital marketing agency, we can help you with grants (up to 90%) to:

1. "Develop, Operate, Transfer" a strategic digital marketing process tailored to your business

80% grant of SGD 30,000 - 200,000*

Co-developed with SPRING Singapore (now Enterprise Singapore) in 2015, our digital marketing solution (basic, intermediate, or advanced) has since helped hundreds of SMEs through this process:

I. Develop – Consultancy to understand your business and marketing gaps, marketing positioning, and offer. Then development of implementation strategic roadmap based on research, testing, and industry and subject matter expertise.

II. Operate – Ensuring that the framework and roadmap are well-fitted to your uniqueness of your business and industry.

III. Transfer – Knowledge and skills transfer so that there is sustainability.

2. E-commerce or Content Management System (CMS) website development

80% grant of SGD 10,000*

The journey to a successful digital marketing result often starts with a solid website or landing page, as this ensures that website visitors can be efficiently converted into leads or sales.

If you're looking to bring your business online successfully, a well design website or page is a must.

3. Customized enterprise training tailored to your business

90% grant of SGD 5,000 - 15,000*

Using one of the most effective training methods, as backed by research from top learning experts, we can help you develop a digital marketing training framework tailored for your organization.

This will ensure that your organization and staff can get up to speed to implement effective digital marketing activities in a quicker time frame.

4. Manpower salary support for hiring digital marketing talents

80% grant support*

Hire digital marketing staff or redesign jobs to support your digital marketing activities, and have salaries supported.

5. Expand overseas to a larger global market

80% grant of SGD 50,000 - 100,000*

If you've ever had global aspirations, the time is now, as grant support has increased 5X. Think larger, grow beyond Singapore, and serve the global or regional market.

*Qualifying criteria for enterprises apply. Approval is dependent by the funding agencies.

If you'd like to learn more about the most suitable grants to grow your business and marketing, let's chat.

If you have cashflow concerns, financing is available.

We have successfully established collaborations with financing companies to help you with financing upon grant approval, should you require additional help with managing your cashflow.

(Standard KYC processes apply.)

More about Digital Influence Lab (DIL)

DIL is a digital marketing consultancy firm that has worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their online revenue and lead generation over the last 9 years with a proven data-driven methodology, through tested marketing fundamentals and relevant content.

DIL was the first agency appointed by the Singapore Government previously under a industry collaborative project to help local SMEs build their digital marketing capabilities, focused on Facebook, Google, and Content Marketing.

DIL also operates several of their own 6-7 figure digital businesses, including owning and running Asia’s first and largest virtual summit on digital marketing since 2016 with over 50,000 participants across 18 Asian countries, thus being at the forefront of what works in digital marketing today.

Some of our client case studies

Junk To Clear

How we gained over 60 leads in a single day at a Cost per Conversion of $1.65 for a profession disposal company.

Chocolate Origin

How we engaged over 211,980 audience and collected 2,268 leads in 7 days for their dark chocolate gelato launch campaign.

Michael Trio

How we reduced Cost Per Lead from S$100 to S$1.45 in one week for our customized diamond ring client.

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If you'd like to learn more about the most suitable grants to grow your business and marketing, let's chat.

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Copyright 2012-2021. Digital Influence Lab. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy