2021: The recovery is digital


Despite the madness, we have made it to 2021.

The crisis is still not over and times remain uncertain – with 1 out of 3 businesses in Singapore not confident of surviving the next 6 to 12 months.

One thing is for sure, we have seen digitalization happen at unprecedented rates. McKinsey has reported (and mentioned by Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister) that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation by a shocking seven years.

The need to transform and stay relevant through digital marketing and digitalization has become more essential than ever. Thankfully, the Singapore Government has stepped in with measures to offer businesses with grants to address these concerns.

If you would like to find out more about how digital marketing can help your business, or explore the grants available to build your digital marketing capabilities, reach out to us.



There're a few options for most businesses at this moment: Pull back and wait for this to "blow over". Or push forward, innovate, and take full advantage of this huge opportunity to grow.

The economy is sure to recover, and when it does, are you there to take full advantage of it?

1. Work on digitalizing your business or other strategic plans you may have put aside for too long

Is it bringing your services online (and global), beefing up your customer experience, or pursuing those key strategic partnerships? Consider what would make your value proposition more future-ready.

We have seen while the physical international borders remain shut, the virtual and digital borders have been more blurred than ever. The market opportunity is now global and online, and this presents the perfect opportunity for you to innovate and double-down towards your desired direction.

2. Step up on your digital marketing implementation and diversify your marketing channels

Keep on building content, growing your list, and generating more leads. Having a pool of leads or prospects to make sure you're right at the front to reach out to when the dust settles and stability returns.

As the world has undeniably gone online, this is the best time to consider implementing more digital marketing work to continue bringing leads and sales to your business.

3. Upskill yourself and your enterprise

Investing in learning is always a great investment, especially now. Why not use this opportunity to massively upgrade and build capabilities that can serve you well in the years to come?

This could in turn unlock many new ideas and opportunities for you and your business, as you find better ways to solve problems.

Want to discuss more about growing your business in this economic climate? In our chat, we can help you prioritize your digital needs and guide you on all of the relevant grants for your business.


In the past year, multiple grants schemes have emerged to help Singapore enterprises get through the uncertainty market conditions.

As a certified agency, we are able to help you obtain grants to:

1. Transform your business strategy and create a digital roadmap (Up to S$200,000*)

Innovate and transform your business strategy or processes – it can be to digitalize your business, develop an international digital marketing roadmap, or simply automate and streamline your business processes. 

2. Implement advanced digital marketing (Up to S$100,000*)

Bring your digital marketing capabilities to the next level, we are able to help you with our solution co-developed with SPRING Singapore (now Enterprise Singapore) and has helped hundreds of SMEs, which includes the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Marketing Funnel & Automation System
  • Hiring & Training

3. Upskill you as an individual or as an enterprise (Up to S$50,000*)

Build an effective learning and training framework in digital marketing for your organization. From implementation-based learning to effective On-Job-Training for your hires, we have collaborated with the relevant Government-linked agency to provide the resources and solution to help you get up to speed quickly.

4. Receive support for hiring digital marketing talents (Up to 80% manpower support*)

Hire and redesign jobs within your organization to capture the opportunities present. 

5. Expand overseas and capture the global market (Up to S$100,000*)

Think larger, grow beyond Singapore, and serve the global market. The time is now.

*Qualifying criteria for enterprises apply

If you'd like to learn more about the most suitable grants to grow and digitalize your business and marketing, let's chat.


Established in Singapore since 2012, DIL is a digital marketing consultancy firm that has worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their online revenue with a proven data-driven methodology, through tested marketing fundamentals and relevant content.

The agency was appointed by the Singapore Government previously to help numerous local SMEs build their digital marketing capabilities. The company is also behind Asia’s first and largest virtual summit on digital marketing since 2016 with over 50,000 participants across 18 Asian countries.