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In FinTech, marketing is an often neglected element. Companies fall behind and are unable to stand out from the crowd because they lack the necessary tools. Let us help you position your company so that you can focus on what you do best.

Why Us?

At DIL, we view FinTech differently compared to others. As technology takes the centre stage, our methodology aims to ensure that you too will be able to capitalize on that, and reach out to the right crowds

With our vast industry experience and unique methodology has helped many of our FinTech clients change the entire industry landscape. Our consultants are not only professional marketers but have also worked in the fields of Finance and Technology, so you can sure we'll understand your needs intricately.

What We Do


-Leads Generation

-Website Optimization

-Advertising (Google, FB, IG, ...)

-Marketing Funnels

-Advisory & Consulting

-& many more

Success Stories

Increased their lead generation by tenfold

-Company X (AI/ML industry)

600 leads & registrations generated over a week for a 1 day event organized

-Company Y (FinTech)

2x leads and 3x clickthrough rate for Google Ads. Improved market positioning through competitive market analysis.

-Linkflow Capital

Financing Available

If you're concerned about cashflow financing, worry not! We have successfully established a collaboration with a financing company to help you with this.

Get In Touch With Us

If you would like to find out more about how digital marketing can help your business, or explore the grants available to build your digital marketing capabilities, reach out to us.

Copyright 2012-2021. Digital Influence Lab. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy

Copyright 2012-2021. Digital Influence Lab. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy