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6 Free Social Monitoring Tools You Should Check Out

6 Free Social Monitoring Tools You Should Check Out

Looking for a social monitoring tool to keep you up to date with the latest fads and trends on the internet? Here are six free ones we found!

6. IceRocket


IceRocket specialises in searching blogs but also gives results from Facebook and Twitter. The search bar recognises boolean queries, and the site has a nifty Help page that shows you the ways you can customise your search. Want to get your blog noticed? You can enter your blog's url into IceRocket's "high-priority indexing queue".


5. Mention


With a slogan that could also double up as a title of a rock song, Mention allows you to create alerts for your brand, company, name or competition. Mentions on the Internet come in real-time so you’d be up to the second about anything. It has a free basic plan that many small companies would find useful.


4.  Addict-o-matic


Addict-o-matic (Inhale the Web) searches a variety of social media sites like Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress, with results coming from a list of search engines like Yahoo, Blink, Ask and Google. Sounds extensive? It is. You can even customise searches and remove results from sources you don’t want. It’s certainly a fun tool to use, but do not forget: all things in moderation.


3. Topsy


Topsy features an algorithm that identifies influencers for any criteria and uses these calculations to run results, all in real-time. Displayed together with the results are related articles, terms and trending topics. Influencers and experts in their fields are also identified. And in case you're wondering what happened in 2006, here's good news: Topsy searches for results all the way back to 2006.


2. Social Seeking


Get it all here: tweets, news, videos, photos. You'd be able to find it as long as it's user-generated content. There’re results for almost everything and if you don’t find what you’re seeking for, you can always make your own content.


1. Social Mention


Social Mention scans "across the universe" for mentions of a particular person or brand. It searches through blogs, bookmarks, social media sites, news, video. Social Mention then rates the mentions in four categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion, and Reach.


Is your favourite social monitoring tool featured on our list? What other tools are there out there? Let us know in the comments below.


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