Get 90% funding + Claim 3 Months Manpower Support

Get 90% Government Grant Funding + Claim 3 Months Manpower Support

Circuit breaker. Safe distancing. Smaller crowds. Falling sales. You've probably realised by now, it has been a challenging time for many Retail businesses with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The need to transform and stay relevant through digital marketing has become more essential than ever. Thankfully, the Government has stepped in with several measures to help Retail businesses address these concerns.


The program supports the development, implementation, and management of digital marketing plans.

Program Fees

  • Nett Payable: SGD 1,000 (after 90% grant support)
  • Program Fee / Qualifying Cost: SGD 10,000
  • Inclusive of SGD 1,000 ad spend 


  • Build knowledge and gain familiarity with digital marketing channels
  • Develop an effective digital marketing strategy
  • Curate meaningful customer engagement

Program Time Period

  • The program is estimated to take up to 3 months

If you would like to find out more about how digital marketing can help your business, let’s chat.


About the Program

The program will help retailers build up digital marketing capabilities to increase online visibility and translate to online sales.

  • Tools and techniques of social media campaigns creation, SEO, SEM to help drive traffic to your online channels
  • Knowledge transfer on traffic analytics tools
  • Execution and skills transfer on digital marketing campaign
  • Ways to measure the ROI of digital marketing campaigns

What it includes:

1. Diagnose and improve e-commerce process

With so many options and so many moving pieces of digital marketing, where do you begin and how do you prioritize your resources? Let us map a holistic attack plan for you, not only for the immediate term but also for the long term.

2. Identify and set up digital marketing channels

It's not enough to have a good strategy, but we need a strong execution too. Let our team of expert implementors help you set up, manage, and optimize the chosen campaigns.

3. Execution of campaigns

In this solution, we will be training and building the internal capabilities for you and your team to be able to continue to generate sales after the project ends.


In our chat, we can help you prioritize your digital needs and guide you on the relevant digital marketing grants for your business.



Deliverables shall cover, but not limited to the following:

  • Tools and techniques of social media campaigns creation, SEO and SEM
  • Imparting of knowledge on traffic analytic tools
  • Preparation works prior to implementation of campaigns
  • Actual implementation of 2 campaigns
  • Analysis of implemented campaigns
  • Final report for the client


  • Increase total online revenue
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Improve digital/online processes
  • Achieve at least 2 outcomes ( below ) for each campaign:

Quantitative Outcome

Increase clicks to their website/e-commerce site by at least 20%

Increase Online transaction size by at least 5% 

Increase conversion rate by at least 3%

Increase social media click-through rate by at least 5%

Increase total online Revenue by at least 5%

Increase the average Revenue Per Buyer by at least 5%

Increase customer acquisition by at least 5%

Increase store visits through online by 5%

Qualitative Outcome

Improve quality of content that is offered

Reduce manpower time in excessive trial and error

Reduce manpower time in improper digital marketing process

Equipping employees with relevant skills and knowledge to perform higher value-added tasks

Reduce repetitive work by consolidating multiple entry processes to various software

Scope of work

  • Providing documentation/training curriculum used throughout the sessions
  • Executing the 2 campaigns ( 1 by Consultant, 1 by SME Retailer guided by Consultant ) 
  • Providing the final report for each SME Retailer 2 weeks after the final group evaluation session

Phase 1- Diagnosis & Analysis of current E-commerce Operations

  • Diagnose retailer's current online assets and current product offerings
  • Roadmap of current E-commerce fulfilment process
  • Assist retailer to list up to 10 products listing on suitable platforms
  • Define online target audience

Phase 2 - Digital Marketing Channel Analysis 

  • Understand digital marketing 101, with knowledge and skill transfer 
  • Identify and set up suitable digital marketing channels for the client

Phase 3 - Development of 6 Months Digital Marketing Campaign Calendar 

  • Guidance to company to develop at least 6 months of digital marketing campaign calendar 
  • Skills & knowledge transfer to retailer to develop content for digital engagement

Phase 4 - E-commerce Process Development / Improvement 

  • Develop online business structure and SOP
  • Identify OIC for each function

Phase 5 - Consultant to Execute Campaign "I do, you see"

  • Retailer to have a 1-to-1 consultation with consultant who will conduct the "I do, you see" approach focusing on creating social media advertising campaigns

Phase 6 - Retailers to Execute Campaign "I do, you see"

  • Retailer to attend half-day 1-to-1 consultation with consultant who will conduct the "you do, I see" approach focusing on creating social media advertising campaigns

Phase 7 - Review & Recommendations

  • Review of the 2 campaign results / outcomes 
  • Provide recommendations to improve the e-commerce operations and campaign 


Established in Singapore since 2012, DIL is a digital marketing agency that has worked with hundreds of businesses to generate leads and sales online with a proven data-driven methodology, through tested marketing fundamentals and relevant content.

The agency was appointed by the Singapore Government to help local SMEs build their Facebook, Google, Content Marketing capabilities, and has helped hundreds of Singapore SMEs through that.