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82.5% of the Singapore population (5.6 million) uses the internet. (Internet Live stats)

 Singaporeans of all age groups use the Internet, with most users in the 25 - 34 age range at 31%. 

15 - 24: 28%
25 - 34: 31%
35 - 44: 21%
45 - 54: 13%
55+: 8%
(Statista, 2013)

 Singaporeans have about 3.3 connected devices each, with Smart phones being the most used device.

Smartphone: 91%

Computers: 70%

Tablets: 41%

(Google Barometer)

Singaporeans still spend significantly more time on the computer (6h 41m), compared to smart phones (2h 21m) per day.  (Statista)

• Singapore has the second highest download broadband speed. (Speed Test Market Report)

 Singaporeans who make purchases online still prefer using a computer.

Computer: 72%
Smartphone: 47%
Tablets: 15%

(Google Barometer)

Singapore has a mobile penetration rate of 147%, with about 8.37m active mobile subscriptions. (We Are Social)

• Singaporeans from all age group use the internet daily, with 98% of the 35 - 44 age group being the most active.

15 - 24: 96%
25 - 34: 97%
35 - 44: 98%
45 - 54: 90%
55+: 82%
Google Barometer

 Singaporeans engage their phones in many various ways.

Taking photos and videos: 66%
Setting alarm: 61%
To play games: 49%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

 There are current 11.38m broadband users, and 9.98 wireless broadband users. This is way more broadband users then Singaporeans (Asia Digital Marketing Association, 2014)

• 37% of Singaporeans make purchases online, with 55% completing their transactions offline. (Google Barometer, 2014)

 Most Singaporeans use the internet mainly for research purposes before purchasing products offline. (Google Barometer, 2014)

Social Media Marketing

• Singaporeans embrace social media, with 77% of the population having an account on a social media platform. (We Are Social)

• Most Singaporeans prefer to use social media on the go.

Smartphones: 69%
Computers: 43%
Tablets: 27%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

As many as 4 million Singaporeans are accessing social media through their mobile devices. (We Are Social)

• Both genders use Facebook almost equally, with 51.7% Males and 48.3% Females that use Facebook between the age group of 15-55+ (Facebook, 2014)

• The Top 5 Facebook brands pages ‘liked’ by Singaporeans are:

1. Singapore Airlines
2. MDSCollections
3. Flyscoot
4. Limited Edt
5. Brandsfever

(Social Bakers)

Singaporeans spend about 2 hours 07 minutes per day on average just on Social Media. (We Are Social)

Singaporeans use a wide variety of Social Media sites.

YouTube: 75%,
Facebook: 72%,
WhatsApp: 67%


 As evident, Facebook is still the most popular social network with 3.2m active users. (We Are Social, 2014)

The average number of fans the top 20 brands in Singapore have is 274k on Facebook, and 51k on Twitter. (We Are Social)

• Majority of Singaporeans love watching videos in the afternoons and evenings.

Weekday afternoon: 19%
Weekday evening: 38%
Weekend afternoon: 30%
Weekend evening: 39%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

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Search Marketing

 Singaporeans mostly use the internet to help them make purchasing decision, with the highest percentage using it for comparing choices.

Compare choices: 42%
Immediate purchasing of product: 26%
Looking for opinions and reviews: 25%
Looking for Inspiration: 25%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

 60% of Singaporeans used a Search Engine to help them in the purchase process before they bought their last product. (Google Barometer, 2014)

• Top 10 websites Singaporeans visit comprise mostly search engines and social media sites:

2. YouTube

10. Instagram

• Singaporeans tend to Google more on their smartphones.

Smartphones: 77%
Computers: 58%
Tablets: 25%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

• 30% of the total Internet advertising Revenue in Singapore is spent on paid search results. (PWC, 2014)

 96% of smartphone users search in order to find local information from their smartphones. (We Are Social, 2014)

 Singaporeans’ top 10 searches on Google in 2016 in order are:

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Pokemon Go
  3. US Elections
  4. Joseph Schooling
  5. iPhone 7
  6. Descendants of the Sun
  7. Brexit
  8. Donald Trump
  9. Ezbuy
  10. Deadpool

(Google Trend)

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Web Design and Optimization

 If the website is not mobile optimized, 42% of singaporeans would use the site on another device. (Google Barometer, 2014)

 Marketers have used marketing techniques to optimize a better user experience.

Optimizing Email for mobile/browser: 50%
Having a mobile optimized website: 35%
(Statista, 2012)

 28% of Singaporeans would just find another site that work better on mobile. (Google Barometer, 2014)

• 90% of marketers agree that mobile marketing works, with two thirds already incorporating mobile as a regular marketing channel. (Experian, 2013)

• Being mobile optimized is more important then ever as Singaporeans are switching from PC to mobile platforms.

Computers : 56% (-14% from 2014)
Smartphones: 34% (+34% from 2014)
Tablets: 9% (+8% from 2014)
Other Devices: 1% (No change)
(We Are Social, 2015)

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Email Marketing

 Singaporeans check their email at least weekly, with most emails checked on smartphones.

Smartphone: 76%
Computer: 60%
Tablet: 21%
(Google Barometer, 2014)

 Singaporeans tend to trust personal advertising such as Emails more than intrusive adverts.

Emails they signed up for: 62%
Search Engines: 47%
Social Networks: 46%
Online Banner: 38%
(Statista, 2014)

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