DIL-SPRING Collaborative Industry Project:
Detailed Project Outline





Pre-Project / Introductory Meeting

  • Determine if there’s a fit to work together.
  • Obtain SPRING’s approval. (1-4 weeks) 
  • Sign Agreement Contract with DIL. 
  • Fill out the CIP Project Starter Kit.

The set of questions would help both parties have a solid understanding of the business, including essential marketing metrics and to gather all existing marketing material.


First Consultation Session

  • Understand and finalize information about SME’s business needs and marketing positioning.

Marketing positioning includes understanding of your unique selling points, your ideal target market, etc.


Second Consultation Session

Discussion with SME on: Digital Marketing Plan

  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Choice of Traffic Generation
    (i) Content Marketing
    (ii) Facebook Marketing or Google AdWords
  • Proposed Website Optimization changes 
  • Metrics to be tracked


Consultation Report (To be sent to SME)

  • Business Background
  • Business and Marketing Goals
  • Current Marketing Efforts
  • Defining the Key Product/Offer
  • Marketing Positioning
  • Overview of DM Strategy
  • Web Optimization Recommendations
  • Paid Ads
  • Content


Marketing Funnel System Setup

  • Landing Page or Power Page Design
  • Basic Automation Setup


Paid Traffic (Either Facebook Ads or Google AdWords)

  • Setup of Google AdWords or Facebook Ads
  • Paid ad costs to Google or Facebook


Content Marketing

  • Content Strategy: Mapping out of your content needs going forward
  • Content Creation - 5 Pieces
    (i) Website Content, for example: FAQ, Case - Studies
    (ii) Articles
    (iii) Infographics
    (iv) E-book - Considered 3 Pieces
  • Content Distribution


Training & Online Support

  • How the system setup works
  • How traffic generation works
  • How content was built for the chosen channels
  • How setup or optimization was done
  • Managing and tracking of the traffic sources
  • DIL & Participating Company to continue monitoring performance.
  • Online support via email will be provided by the DIL team.