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What's In The Package?


Help us understand how digital marketing can serve your business needs better. Here, we determine the best digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

Marketing Funnel System Setup

We’ll help you set up a digital marketing system to generate more leads online. This includees landing page creation and use of automation tools.

Traffic Generation

Two traffic sources from the following will be set up or optimized for you. This includes ad campaigns and setting up of tracking.

1. Content Marketing , and

2. Facebook Advertising OR Google Ads.

Training & Online Support

Training sessions will be provided on how to manage and optimize the digital marketing systems and campaigns. Online support will also be included throughout the entire project period.

How You Can Benefit

  • Generate more lead and sales online for your business.
  • Build your in-house digital marketing capabilities and equip your business with the relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Map out their overall digital marketing strategy that gets you the results you want.
  • Track your online marketing efforts to increase return on investment.
  • 70% funding grant support for qualifying costs.

Success Stories


“Since working with DIL on our digital marketing, we have had over 120% increase in leads and clients for our business. The improved digital presence has also helped us get featured on many sites such as Yahoo and HipVan since.”

Harvest Society

“DIL has helped us to enter a highly competitive personal finance niche through strategic planning and strong understanding of the digital marketing landscape. We have continued to generate leads on auto-pilot since then!”

Harvest Society
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"Through DIL’s expert advice, we have built our digital marketing capabilities within the team in a short time."

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Grant Application Process

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    Apply To Have A Chat

    We will schedule a call or meeting to understand your business better.

  • 2

    Send Required Documents To SPRING For Approval

    Include ACRA Bizfile, Financial Statements, CIP Application Form

  • 3

    Sign Agreement Contract With DIL

    This will confirm our working relationship.

  • 4

    Get Started On The Project

    We recommend and execute your digital marketing strategy to get results fast.

  • 5

    Complete Project Report

    To be submitted to SPRING Singapore at the end of the project.

Qualifying Criteria

SPRING Singapore requires the following criteria to be fulfilled:

  • Physically present and registered in Singapore

  • Have at least 30% local shareholding

  • Have group annual sales of not more than $100 million or group employment size not exceeding 200 employees

DIL requires the following criteria to be fulfilled:

  • A ready product or service to market and sell

  • A clear corporate brand positioning and business direction

    The project will ride on these inputs from the participating companies to derive the relevant marketing strategy, using proprietary tools and methodology.

  • A responsive and updated website in place

  • A marketing manager or the business owner to commit fully and lead the project for the first 6 weeks

We currently have a waitlist. Please apply right now if you would like to benefit from this scheme.

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Additional Questions You Might Have

What is CIP about?

The Collaborative Industry Projects (CIP) initiative was first introduced by SPRING Singapore in 2013 to drive productivity gains at the industry level. Through the CIP initiative, SPRING works with industry partners such as Trade Associations and Chambers, Centres of Innovation, productivity centres and solution providers, to identify industry-specific challenges and scalable solutions that have potential for effective adoption within the sector, ultimately resulting in overall productivity gains.

The aim of CIP is to develop solutions that will help SMEs reap overall innovation and productivity improvements through either or both of the following approaches:

  • Reap efficiency gains by optimising resources and streamlining processes (e.g. outsourcing of business functions, sharing of resources and services)
  • Drive business growth by collaborating on new opportunities (e.g. co-innovating products and services, exploring new business models)

SMEs are also encouraged to form consortia comprising other enterprises and industry partners to enhance operational efficiencies and upgrade their capabilities through the CIP initiative.

For more information about SPRING’s CIP initiative, please visit www.spring.gov.sg/cip or call 6898 1800.

What are the key objectives of this Digital Marketing Solution CIP?

• Help SMEs kick-start the building of their in-house digital marketing capabilities and map out their overall digital marketing strategy to increase awareness amongst their target audience and ultimately increase lead generation and revenue;
• Equip SMEs with digital marketing tools and know-how to implement marketing plans on various digital channels and be more effective in online customer acquisition and engagement;
• Enable SMEs to understand and identify a relevant mix of digital channels and targeted marketing messages that are appropriate for their brand profile, products and services;
• Enable SMEs to track their online marketing efforts to increase their return on investment.


How can SMEs benefit from this?
With successful development and adoption of approved projects and solutions, SMEs are expected to benefit from improved processes, higher output/revenue, or cost savings from reduced wastage
and/or reduced usage of resources such as manpower.

SMEs participating in approved projects will be eligible for up to 70% funding support for qualifying development and adoption costs.