Startup Insights Singapore – 7 Steps To Win At Digital Marketing

On 1st April 2015, we were invited to present on Digital Marketing For SMEs and Startups at Lithan Hall’s monthly Startup Insights event, where local experts in their respective domains share their knowledge and experiences with the public.

While that is a somewhat thinly veiled way to promote their courses, we were happy to share about digital marketing with the crowd of 100+.

Startup Insight - Digital Marketing - April 2015 - Sharon Neo

The initial proposed topic seemed a bit dry, so we changed it to “7 Steps To Win At Digital Marketing” to make things a little more fun. Everyone loves a step-by-step guide!

Crystalized from our own tests of what has worked vs what stopped working, across several industries, we came up with a set of guidelines that would be suitable for many to follow. Of course, we’d loved to go in-depth on industry-specific strategies and tactics, when the opportunity presents itself. Until then, we will just write long and detailed posts on our blog.

Check out the slides from our presentation that day – and leave comments if you have any!