Vietnam Digital Marketing Statistics 2022

Keep up to date with the latest digital marketing statistics.

General Internet Statistics

  • Post COVID-19 era saw an increase in the online activity of Vietnamese. 71.4% used the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, 69% for finding information, and 68.4% for following the news and current events (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).
  • Vietnamese engage their phones in many various ways. These are the most popular activities in the Vietnamese population:
    Staying in touch with friends and family : 71.4%
    Finding information : 69%
    Follow news and events : 68.4%
    Watching videos , TV shows and Movies :59.6%
    Researching brand : 53.8%
    (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).
  • Vietnam has an average fixed broadband download speed of 73.52 Mbps and an average mobile download speed of 36.71 Mbps, the country ranks 44th for fixed broadband download speed and ranks at 52 for mobile download speed in the world (Speedtest, 2022).
  • 58.2% Vietnamese purchased a product or service online while 27.3% ordered groceries via an online store (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).
  • Post COVID-19 era has changed the Vietnamese consumer:
  • Households are getting smaller
  • Seniors are accounting for an increasing share of consumption
  • Digital natives are becoming an increasing force in Vietnam’s consumption
  • Women’s economic empowerment presents a large opportunity
  • The rise of the small-city and suburban consumers

(Mckinsey & Company, 2022)

Social Media Marketing

  • 76.9 million of Vietnamese are active social media users (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).

  • 78.1% of the total population of Vietnam has access to social media. 
  • 98.9% of the population is accessing social media via mobile phone.

  • Social media users  have reached 76.9 million with an annual increase of 6.9% (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022). 

  • The Top 5 Facebook Popular Brands “liked” by Vietnamese are:

Honda Vietnam
(Statista, 2022)

MWC shop

  • Vietnam has the 3rd largest number of Facebook users in Southeast Asia and 7th largest globally (Statista, 2022).

  • Top 5 Industries on Facebook:
  1. Information Technology
  2. Manufacturing and Service Industry
  3. Tourism
  4. Logistics
  5. Construction

(Vietnam Credit, 2021)

  • Total revenue in the Social Networking segment is projected to reach US$49.78m in 2022 (Statista, 2022)
  • Most used social media platforms in 2022:

Facebook : 93.8%
Zalo : 91.3%
Facebook messenger :82.2%
Twitter : 34.4%
Telegram: 27.4%
Pinterest 25.8%
Skype : 17.4%

  • Instagram is the 5th most used social media platform in Vietnam with 59.7% of social media users being Instagram users as well (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).

Email Marketing

  • The average email marketing behaviour in Vietnam:

Open rate: 22.0%

Click-through rate: 0.77%
Click-to-open rate: 3.15%
Unsubscribe rate: 0.07%
Spam rate: 0.00%

(We Create Content, 2020)

E-Commerce & M-Commerce

  • The value of the market for online consumer goods purchases is US$ 12.42 billion and average annual revenue per consumer goods is $240 (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022)

  • Total Vietnamese eCommerce revenue across all product categories is $12.42 billion, with Electronics at $4.80 billion, Fashion $2.12 billion, Furniture $1.65 billion, Toys, Hobby, DIY at $1.34 billion, Personal and Household Care at $1.14 billion, Food at $803.5 million, Beverages 317.3 million, and Physical Media at $247.1 million (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022).


  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US $61.74 in Vietnam (Gmadept, 2022).
  • Revenue in the Social Media Advertising segment amounts is US366.40 million in 2022 (Statista, 2022).

Additional Info

  • 34.7% of social media users in Indonesia use an ad blocking tool (Backlinko, 2022)
  • 56% of consumers have increased their consumption of streaming content in 2021 (Statista, 2022).
  • 42.80 million users are a potential reach of ads on YouTube, which is 61.1% of the total population of Thailand (We Are Social x Hootsuite, 2022)
  • Top online activities for Vietnames are:

Research/Study: 69%
Stream movies or music: 61%
Online shopping: 59%
Access E-mail: 58%
Search for information and shop online: 56%

Read newspaper: 55%

Participate in forums, social networks: 53%

(Statistica, 2021)