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Are you tired of seeing your competitors

skyrocket past you virtually overnight?

It might seem like your competitors have a magic recipe.

All of a sudden, they are getting mentioned everywhere, and their business seems to be growing from strength to strength.

You might have tried a bunch of things, from creating more content to paying for Facebook Ads, but you just can't seem to propel your business as quickly as you'd like.

We're here to help. By the end of this page, you'll not only understand why, but exactly how you too can apply that recipe to skyrocket your business  to success.

And I’ll say this: anyone can use it. We have used this exact same system to help over 50 SMEs in Singapore grow their businesses and have also grown our digital agency 10x in less than 2 years.

"Cost per lead decreased from $100+ to less than $20. "    

Ryan Ng , Co-Founder, Edgeworks Solutions

(Specializing in Point-of-Sales Solutions)

"Our business has grown over 500% since we started working with DIL. " 

Keith Ng, Co-Founder, The Minimalist Society

(Interior Design Company)

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"Over $10,000 increase in revenue per month."  

Benjamin Teo, Director, Linkflow Capital

Succeeding online isn't just about driving

lots of traffic on Facebook

Unlike what many people think, it's not just about driving a lot of traffic (or eyeballs) to your promotional material. Your business success online is eventually about the number of qualified leads and sales you get.

Online Success = Solid Offer + Solid Traffic + Solid Conversion

In order to gain results and skyrocket your business growth, you need all 3 parts. Having just one isn't enough.
Let's go deeper into these 3 keys to success.

Solid Offer

First, you need to find what your market wants, and present it in a way that resonates best with them.

Solid Traffic

Once you have a solid offer, you need to get that offer in front of the right people.

Solid Conversion

Finally, you need those visitors to say yes to becoming a lead, and then get them to become a customer.

Our proven system will help you nail down all 3 aspects, so you can start seeing huge growth in your business.

Picture of Charmain Tan from QuickDesk

"We like that DIL is extremely systematic in their approach towards lead generation and digital marketing."    

Charmain Tan
Director, Pear Comms
(Quickdesk CRM)

Picture of Jadon Zeng from Michael Trio

"Our business has grown over 500% since we started working with DIL. "  

Jadon Zeng
Director, Michael Trio
(Customized Diamond Rings)

Introducing: The Digital Marketing Solution 
For SMEs For Lead Generation

Here's exactly what's included

Step 1 – Establishing Business and Marketing Objectives

  • Establish Business and Marketing Objectives
  • Determine Budget and Essential Metrics

Step 2 – Conducting Market Research

  • Develop Hypotheses For Testing and Research
  • Conduct Market Research and Validation With Tested Framework
  • Combine Findings With Analysis of Industry Competitors

Step 3 – Defining Target Markets and Market Positioning Across Key Products and Services

  • Identify Target Markets and Develop Customer Personas
  • Define Market Positioning For Your Company

Step 4 – Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Develop Digital Marketing Strategy With DIL's Tested Methodology:
  • Positioning
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Measurement

Step 5 – Establishing Implementation Roadmap to Achieve Marketing Objectives

  • Review Website Health and Positioning
  • Establish SEO Plan
  • Establish Social Media Engagement Plan
  • Establish & Test Paid Advertising Plan -- Facebook, Google, YouTube Ads
  • Establish & Test Content Marketing Plan
  • Establish Online Media, Strategic Partners, and Influence Outreach Plan
  • Establish Referral and Affiliate Plan
  • Establish Data-Driven Traffic Generation Optimization Plan
  • Establish Customer Review and Rating System
  • Setup Conversion Tracking & Traffic Dashboard
  • Establish Email Marketing Plan

"Cost per lead decreased from $100+ to less than $20. "    

Ryan Ng, Co-Founder, Edgeworks Solutions

(Specializing in Point-of-Sales Solutions)

"Our business has grown over 500% since we started working with DIL. "  

Keith Ng, Co-Founder, The Minimalist Society

(Interior Design Company)

"DIL always does things in our interest."    

Goh Kian Yong, 

General Manager, Chocolate Origin

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